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When Rejection Leads to Opportunity

Let me tell you a little story to inspire you after an encounter with rejection.

I attended a business school where I struggled to find a sense of community. I looked for a space where I could network, make friends, and possibly find a support system within the school. So I decided to look into the Women's Business Association for that support. After sending an email to express my interest and never hearing back, I was discouraged. Then, I discovered that the organization's President was in my Marketing class.

So, my friend and I approached her during an in-person class field trip to ask her about the organization and learn more about how we could join. She took our names and emails and told us she would follow up. I was excited because I wanted to get more involved with the school and thought this would be a fantastic opportunity.

Again, I am still waiting to hear back, and if I learned something during that class, knowing your audience helps you understand who they are and what they care about.

So, instead of being bitter about the situation, I decided to find a better audience. A few months later, I found a community of women who shared my same values and uplifted me, and together we founded the first Latinx organization within the business school. A school where 8.2% of the population is Latinx.

Let this be a lesson: rejection is redirection, and sometimes you're not meant to be part of something. You're supposed to create it!

I'm so glad that she never responded to me.

xoxo- The Bitter Woman

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