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 We are so glad that you have found us! We are a website devoted to helping women discover tools and resources to become empowered and have a voice in their lives. We believe that being a bitter woman is a positive thing; it means standing up for yourself and your beliefs and not letting anyone define who you are. Here, you will find advice, support, and information to help you on your journey. We look forward to having you join us!

Our Mission

To create a safe space and build a community

for women to empower each other.


Knowledge can not be taken from you. We aim to educate with information that is real, unbiased, and direct.


It's not enough to just be aware of the problem. Taking action is necessary in order for change to occur.


We are connected by stories. Everyone deserves a chance to have their voice heard and celebrated.


Your power lies inside of you.  Express yourself and in the process empower other women to do the same.

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Message From Our Founder

Atalie Oliva

"The Bitter Woman was developed through a journey of self-healing. I longed for support and wanted someone to talk to about issues concerning women.

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